Workshops with Sahra DeRoy

Join us Sept 27th for workshops on Finger Cymbals and a Tribal Fusion Choreography with Sahra DeRoy!

Workshops will take place from 11am – 3:30 pm at Lakeview Fitness Center, 1 Lakeview Dr, Morgantown, WV


Price for both workshops – $65 now/$75 at door

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To register for just one of the workshops use the paypal buttons below that workshop description.

Sensational Finger Cymbals (1.5 hours)
11:00am – 12:30pm

$35 now / $40 at the door

In this introductory finger cymbals (zills) workshop, you will learn how to play finger cymbals with ease and fluidity. You will learn patterns used in 4/4 time signature, such as the longa, 3-3-7, 3-7-3, 3-5-5, alternating singles, and quadruplets. Musicality, using cymbals with belly dance rhythms, and simple combinations will be covered. This workshop is suitable for all levels. We will have a few extra sets of zills available to borrow, but please bring your own if you are able.

Finger Cymbal workshop only:
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Folkloric Fusion Choreography ( 2 hours)
1:30pm – 3:30pm

$40 now / $45 at the door

Learn a fun-filled all levels choreography integrating folkloric belly dance moves with tribal stylizations. In this workshop, you will be led through a series of drills learning folkloric and tribal moves such as the hagallah, the j-step, bold hip work, the Jamilla Flamenco step, double back, and many more. We will then build the choreography in a series of combinations that may be used on their own or as part of this choreography. Variations will be given for large groups as well as performance options for duets. The music for this choreography is the classic Ismaaouni by the Upper Egypt Ensemble. Finger cymbals may be used.

Choreography Workshop only:
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Both workshops ($65):

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