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Level 1 Classes

You’ll learn basic movements and put them together in a fun combination! Great for beginners and experienced students. This class will cover classic belly dance moves and help you develop grace and confidence while getting in a workout!  Next Session TBA. Classes fill up quickly, so register today!

Register by selecting the PayPal button below (you will be taken to PayPal’s secure site to pay) or E-mail for more info.
Please review our Class Policies before registering. Must register in advance (No Walk-ins).

$45 for a 4 week session

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Level 1 classes offer an intro to belly dance moves and technique using the HipCurve instruction method – no prior experience needed!  HipCurve is specifically designed to help build confidence and promote fitness, all while learning the beautiful art of belly dance!  Saphera is certified to teach a structured curriculum that is easy to follow, yet challenging enough so you see results and learn belly dance technique correctly.  Have you been curious about trying a belly dance class but are too afraid to jump in?  She’s trained to help you ease into a class without feeling self-conscious.  HipCurve classes help you feel comfortable while making new friends in the process of staying healthy and fit—you’ll forget you are exercising!

Class format:
Gentle Warm Up – Warming up muscles and joints to prepare.
New Moves and drills – we’ll review moves we have learned and cover new ones.
Choreography – each week we will put the moves together into a piece of the choreography.  At the end of 4 weeks you will have a short routine to take home!
Cool Down – Stretch your muscles and slowly return your body to a comfortable resting state.

You might be wondering…

Do I have to bare my belly or wear a skimpy outfit? What should I wear?  No skimpy outfits required!  Most students wear comfortable clothing like yoga pants and a t-shirt or tank top. Anything that is comfortable to move around in is fine. You are welcome to wear a costume if you have one, but it is not a requirement. Hip scarves or coin belts can help accentuate your movements and help you learn, but they are not required (we have some you can borrow during class). Wearing form fitting clothes allows the instructor to see your movements better and help with posture and technique, but again, is not required. We recommend dancing in bare feet unless you have any foot or ankle problems.

What if I’m not very coordinated?  Belly dance is based on natural movements.  It does take some practice, but unlike other dance forms that require acrobatic movements or advanced technical skills, this is a dance that anyone can enjoy regardless of flexibility or coordination. The instructor will always offer different variations of the movements in class, so you can do what feels comfortable. As you progress from week to week, you will be surprised at how much more graceful you become!

I’m shy. Can I still do this?  Yes! You are encouraged to bring a friend along if that helps you feel more comfortable. No one will be called out in class or asked to dance in front of the class in the introductory levels. Even in advanced levels this is left up to each dancer to decide when and if they feel ready to perform.

What if I miss a class?  We do not offer any refunds for missed classes.  If you know that you will need to miss a class before-hand, please contact the instructor to let them know.

What Level should I sign up for? Level 2 students have taken level 1 classes or have prior belly dance experience.  They are comfortable with the basic vocabulary of belly dance moves.  If you have no or little experience start with Level 1.  E-mail me for any questions.

What is HipCurve? HipCurve is an instructional format developed by Sherena, a dancer with over 20 years of performance and 10 years of teaching experience.  The format was designed to make belly dance fun to learn and accessible to people of all ages and skill levels.

What style do you teach? There are numerous styles of belly dancing. I am trained in HipCurve method of instruction and the styles that I practice and teach in my classes are Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS), Tribal Fusion and American Cabaret styles.

Sign up for our e-mail list or check the facebook page for updates.

Ready to get started?  Just click the paypal button below to register for the next 4 week session. Classes fill up quickly, so don’t put it off, sign up today!

$45 for a 4 week session
Starting – TBA

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Please review the Class Policies before registering.

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