Youtube Instruction Playlists 

These are a supplement to classes, to help you practice. Keep in mind they may use different names for moves.

Recommended Practice DVDs:

For Beginner’s:

Narah’s Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

Rachel Brice’s Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

Michelle Joyce’s Belly Dance Basics

Michelle Joyce’s Belly Dance Crash Course

Luscious – Belly Dance Workout

For Level 2:

Aziza’s Ultimate Practice Companion

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance with Sharon Kihara

Rachel Brice: Belly Dance Arms and Posture

Aziza: Hands, Arms, and Poses


Shake it out!  Sherena’s Guide to Shimmies, Strength, and Yoga.

Shimmies with Khalida

For Intermediate:

Tribal Fusion Fundamentals


Art of the Drum Solo

Hot Combinations

Lavish Layers

Secrets of the Stage

From A to Zoe

Shake it out!  Sherena’s Guide to Shimmies, Strength, and Yoga.

Shimmies with Khalida

Costume Shops:

Beledi Boutique
amazing customer service –
great spinning skirts and corset tops.


Desert Dancer
(the cool pants)

Melodia Designs
(the original version of the cool pants)

Flying Skirts
(all sorts of tribal stuff)

Dahlal Internationale

Velvet Peacock

L. Rose

Narah, Rachel Brice, Moria Chappell, SadiqaJill Parker, SherenaBelly Dance SuperstarsAnsuyaAziza, Fat Chance BellydanceUnmataKami Liddle Mira BetzNisaaMichelle JoyceSamadhiSahra DeRoyRuby Beh, Zoe JakesBramani.

Hoop Troupe, Bliss Bliss Bliss,  Alternative Healing CenterWVU Belly Dance ClubBramaniYoga for WellnessAncient Wisdom Yoga

Information: – Wonderful informational resource!
WVU Club – currently inactive, but hopefully back soon.
Pittsburgh Belly Dance – info on shows, classes, workshops in Pittsburgh.
Belly dance and Childbirth – interesting article.
Dyeing Silk – for dyeing your own veils
Yoga Journal
Belly Dance Dictionary – a resource of belly dance terminology. – info on costuming, interesting articles, and tutorials


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